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We're a results-oriented, process driven design studio with a penchant for client services.

Working with us

Design: (n) a strategic approach to solving a defined problem

Every client has unique needs, and we LOVE to do great work for all of them. To help us succeed, we utilize a remarkably flexible, iterative design process engineered to keep things organized and efficient along the way.


We ask a lot of questions. We spend extra time up front making sure we understand your goals and our parameters for success. We listen. We ask more questions. Rinse and repeat as necessary.

Research and Strategy

We dissect the data, question the entrenched assumptions and find creative ways to look for opportunities. We love making beautiful things, and occasionally those things look like spreadsheets and marketing plans.

This work can include poring over your marketing and sales numbers, interviewing your customers, examining website analytics, developing a comparative market analysis, holding focus groups, building customer experience maps and taking trips to the field.

We take on Research and Strategy projects for clients and agencies -- often as a precursor to larger, more involved design/development scopes.


Any solution has to engage your audience and amplify your voice. To get there it takes a lot of back and forth and a constant focus on the goals of the project. Nothing is off the table when it comes to crafting effective strategic solutions. We make recommendations designed to reach your goals. The tools we use to get there are many and varied, but most often we spend our time on interactive web solutions.


When doing web work we always keep in mind...

  • How will everything look and function on a variety of screen sizes and device types?
  • When your clients ask Google, will you be there to answer? (Search Engine Optimization)
  • How can we improve content?
  • How can your web presence help your overall business?
  • Are we getting at the essence of what makes your company unique?
  • Is there a better way?

Looking for non-webby solutions? We do that too. We certainly don't mind spending the time to see if we'll be the right fit for each other. Contact us.

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Scott Mueller has been designing and building things his entire life. His professional experience brings business savvy to all of our solutions, and his customer-centric approach drives Handknit Web's flexible design process. When not at work you may catch him at his shop where he creates modern-industrial furniture. Contact Scott at scott@handknitwebs.com. Click here for his business card.

Geneva Kaiser has honed her ability to tell stories with both pictures and words through her work in communications (possibly the vaguest occupational title around) and as a managing editor of Willow Springs, a literary magazine based in Spokane, Washington. You can find her as an occasional blogger at Bark, a literature, culture and art blog. Contact Geneva at geneva@handknitwebs.com.

Marmot T. Jones takes his job of adventuring and office marmoting very seriously. You can see his work here.